VR Application Development Process Explained

November 29, 2018
November 29, 2018 csadmin

Starting a Virtual Reality application development process might seem like entering Dante’s Nine circles of hell to marketing managers, looking to promote the Brand with this new digital medium for the first time. But with the right guidance, the experience might not be so bad, and you just might end up in the enchanted forest instead.


Let’s face it. The Development of a VR application is a long and complex process, requiring a lot of experience and even more technical knowledge. But by choosing the development team that supports you along the way, you can be sure the development process will run smoothly, while you will be focusing on what you do best;
Reaching your target audience.


While the end result and return on investment might be heavily dependent on the development and the execution of a VR App, it is extremely important to start on firm, stable ground. And that stability is provided by you – the marketing manager.

In our years of experience working in virtual reality development, we have spotted a very noticeable trend. VR applications that have a clear goal and a specific target audience tend to produce much better results.

And while the development team can support you in a number of ways, this is one area, where you, the marketing manager, will need to take the lead. You know your company’s audience far better than the development team ever could, so it is vital that you have the answers to these two questions when entering the VR Application development process:
Who is my target audience? And what message do I want to communicate to that audience?

While we can help with the choices such as deadline dates, how to communicate your message to the audience and which hardware to choose for the project, these two questions are something you will always answer better than we can.


That, of course, does not mean we will leave you wandering the enchanted forest by yourself. At Creative Solutions, we have developed a workflow, that helps you make the first step into the magical world of virtual reality and guides you seamlessly through to the very end of the VR application development process.

It all starts with a Creative Brief, where we ask you about the goals and intentions of the VR application. That helps us paint a rough picture of what you are trying to achieve and prepare our ideas and solutions for the project. We present those solutions to you, to see if we have understood the scope of the project correctly.


The planning stage of the VR application development process is arguably the most important part of the project, as it sets the tone for all the next phases. A careful execution of the planning stage limits the number of corrections needed during the development time, which in turn means the project stays on track both financially and time-wise. The planning stage also ensures the end goal always stays in focus.

The result of the planning stage is a precise project brief, that serves as a starting point for the development stage.


The development stage is where the development team works their magic. Creating environments, texturing the assets and programming the interactions.

The key to a trouble-free development stage is communication. On one side providing timely updates to the client and on the other side, responding to those updates with feedback. This allows solving the issues pro-actively and prevents any major issues surfacing towards the end of the project.


Although the development stage is usually a long and complicated process, Creative Solutions has built a list of customizable templates, that – combined with years of experience – speed up the development part considerably and help with keeping the budget under control.

If the planning part of the project was done right, the development stage is a smooth process, with small course corrections done along the way.


Support for a client entering the VR application development process starts right at the beginning of the project with the planning help and lasts until the very end of the project and longer if needed. Developers can support client companies in many ways, including providing technical knowledge and experience to the project.

Creative Solutions_VR app development process_support
Additionally, Creative Solutions also offers support in form of services, such as visualization for the project, 3d animations, graphic design, video production, hardware rental for live events and more.

Support is where the experience and the willingness to go the extra mile become important. It is what ensures all the marketing knowledge and the technical expertise are combined with the right execution to deliver a powerful VR application that will work wonders to the company’s promotional efforts.

Are you ready to take the first step into the enchanted forest?

Yes, I am!

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