How To Attract More Visitors To Your Next Trade Show Booth

January 3, 2019
January 3, 2019 csadmin

Attracting visitors to a company’s trade show booth can be a challenge. Especially in today’s competitive market where companies use all sorts of big-screen displays to attract attention at live events. But there is one skill that can separate you from your competitors. Creative Thinking. With a little bit of creativity, anything is possible.

Here are 5 suggestions to attract more visitors to your next trade show booth:


Your trade show booth design is the first thing that the visitors notice when they enter the event area. So make it a great one! Attractive design can make a real difference in the number of visitors stopping by your stand.

Creative Solutions_Design

To maximize your publicity, incorporate hashtags to the design. That gives visitors a social media channel to tell everybody how great the experience at your booth was. Another advantage is that the hashtag will be on every media photo taken at the live event, giving your company additional exposure on social media and in the media brochures.


Don’t start your media campaign with a simple tweet before the event. To attract the right kind of attention, you should prepare a structured media campaign long before the live event. Think about the messages you want to communicate at the trade show. Adjust the trade show booth design to support those messages. Find newsworthiness in your message and communicate it to the media via press releases.

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That way you can let visitors know why they should visit your booth and what they can expect when they arrive. Correctly executed media campaign can also lead to more productive B2B appointments. To attract as much attention as possible, integrate the hashtags into the campaign to create additional hype inside your social media channels.

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Visitors, past and potential clients all come to the trade show to have a fun experience. So give them one. Organize a photo booth or another fun activity. If you are looking to maximize your marketing efforts you can think about a Virtual Reality experience as well.


Virtual Reality is sure to attract more visitors to your trade show booth. Clients report 29-33% additional leads generated from live events when using a VR Experience at the booth. With all the hype around Virtual Reality in the past year, you can also count on a lot of media attention.


Competitions are a fun way of attracting additional visitors to your booth. If at all possible you should integrate the product you are marketing into the competition as well. That way the visitors get to have fun and experience your product at the same time. Win-Win, isn’t it?

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To attract even more visitors to your trade show booth, get a charismatic announcer and give him or her a loud microphone. At the end of the live event, you can organize a small ceremony, giving away prizes for the best performers, attracting media attention as well.


Celebrities and influencers work for a reason. They have millions of followers on social media. It would sure be wonderful if your product would somehow end up in their hands. Fortunately, they can be paid to sponsor your product. So find an influencer that covers your target audience and hire him to promote your product at the next trade show booth.

You can also use his/her influence to maximize your marketing campaign’s reach. If the influencer has enough of the celebrity status, you can be sure the media will publish his/her appearance at the live event as well. And with event organizers helping to spread the word about the celebrity attending their show, you can even end up with a piece of viral news promoting your company.


Live events are one of the most important marketing mediums, especially for B2B companies. But simply attending a trade show is not enough. Only with careful planning, you can expect to get as many quality leads as possible. And with the tips we have provided, you are sure to attract more visitors to your next trade show booth.

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