5 Creative Trade Show Display Ideas

December 28, 2018
December 28, 2018 csadmin

A trade show display is your first and probably only chance to attract a visitor to your booth.  With live event marketing getting more and more popular, especially with business to business companies, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the crowd. To make things a little bit easier, here are 5 creative trade show display ideas to attract more visitors to your stand:


Creative Solutions_Interactive Display


Interactive trade shows displays have been with us for a while now. Yet a lot of companies still use old-fashioned big screen TVs to show their promotional videos. And promotional videos are fine to communicate your product’s details through infographics, but they do not really add any value for the visitors.

Instead, think interactive. Interactive displays are much more fun for the visitors, because,… well, they are interactive. People love to touch displays, mobile phones prove that. So why not give the visitors what they want? Put an interactive animation to your trade show display and watch visitors click on different parts of your product to discover its unique features.



Speaking of interactivity. Nothing is more attractive than a fully interactive Virtual Reality Experience. Set up a VR corner and offer your visitors a fun experience. Let the users experience and fall in love with your product in a virtual environment.

Creative Solutions_Virtual Reality Poster

To really kick it up and attract more media attention you can organize a VR competition and watch visitors compete for your prizes. This can be anything from cash prizes to discounts and free promotional products. A good idea is to connect the VR system to a trade show display to broadcast the competition and attract even more visitors to your booth.


Social media, be it Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin, is a very powerful medium to get your message out in the world. So why not use it?

Set up a photo booth and add a #keyword every time a photo is taken. Users love to share selfies and event photos with their peers and you can use that for a bit of your own branding. To do this properly, select a keyword relating to your product or maybe specific to the event. This way you are also getting a direct channel to those interested in your products or services.

Creative Solutions_Social Media

Do not forget to integrate the same #keyword into the design of your booth and the trade show display as well. That way it will be visible in the media photos of the event as well.


Have you ever been walking around a trade show, seeing some promotional items that everybody had and you really wanted? That is the perfect marketing gift. Try finding out what visitors want and give that to them.

A good example would be a power bank to charge phones. Visitors take a lot of photos, post them online and that can quickly drain the battery. Offering them a free power bank just might make them grateful.

Creative Solutions_Mobile Phone

If you wish to really exploit their need you can set up a charging station at your booth so they can enjoy interesting facts about your product while charging their phones.


The basic lighting at a trade show might be good enough for some, but if you want to be someone special, those lights might not cut it. Integrate custom lighting to your trade show booth display and stand out from the crowd.

Creative Solutions_Lightbulb

You can use a closed design to create some darkness at your booth and then use contrasty lighting to set the mood at the stand. That can make all the difference for the visitors passing by your booth.


Your trade booth display is one of the key components that can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful live event campaign. With some creative thinking and innovative ideas, your trade booth display can be successfully used to attract visitors and convince them that your product or service is right for them. The question is: Will you take the next step and boost your marketing efforts?

Yes, I will!

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