5 Advantages Of Using A VR Experience At Your Trade Show Booth

December 20, 2018
December 20, 2018 csadmin

A VR Experience is the best marketing tool you can use at your trade show booth. Period.

But what about banners and big screen TVs and promotional videos? – you are going to say. I am not saying you should only use a VR experience. Of course, a trade show booth design matters. After all, it is the first thing the visitors notice when they arrive at a live event. But there is no medium like Virtual Reality at the moment.

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Here are the advantages you get when using a VR Experience at your booth:

Attract Visitors

If you attend a trade show as an exhibitor, one of your goals is surely to get as many leads as possible from the event. And although there are several creative ways of getting attention, few are actually as effective as a virtual reality experience.

Companies report a 33% (!) increase in generated leads from live events when using a VR Experience at the Brand’s booth.

The idea of entering a different world is so exciting, that every visitor wants to try it. Our client’s feedback backs that statement up:

»The VR Experience has been a success, thank you so much for the great work. We have had 180 people trying it, and that´s really good on an event with 600 people! And the feedback was very good.« -Ola Martin Fjeld, Kollisjon

Get More Engagement From Visitors

But it is not only about attracting visitors to your trade show booth. A VR Experience actually gives the visitors a fun activity they can enjoy at the booth.

A VR Experience is extremely engaging. The user can see, hear and interact with the virtual world around him. That make virtual reality a lot more dynamic and interesting than traditional advertising tools, such as banners and videos.

Studies show VR elicits 27% higher user engagement than any other advertising medium. That results in visitors having fun at your booth, spreading the word about your booth to other visitors as well.

Your Product In The Spotlight

CreativeSolutions_ProductVisualizationBut it is not all about visitors having fun with your Brand. A VR Experience at your booth has marketing value as well. By using a VR Experience at a live event stand, you get a distraction-free environment, where the user can take time to interact with your product.

Because a user has to put on a VR headset to enter a virtual world, the headset makes sure, the outside distractions to not disturb the user while in VR. The virtual world consists only of the user, your product or Brand and the message you want to communicate to the user.

Studies show this results in 34% longer focus on your product. You cannot do that with standard advertising.

Cut Testing Costs

Do you have a new product idea, but need to test it on the market before launch? Why not use a VR Experience to both attract visitors and test the new product inside a VR application at the same time?

With a VR Experience, you can allow the visitors to try your product idea inside the virtual world. Then you can view their reaction and ask for feedback. This helps speed up the development process and gets you priceless feedback directly from those, whose opinion matters the most – your potential clients.

Improve Sales

All of the advantages mentioned above, all lead to one thing. Increased Sales. A VR Experience attracts visitors to your booth, converts them to interested users by giving them a fun experience and present your company as modern and forward-looking.

Studies show, 51% of Millennials and Generation Z would only buy from companies, who use VR for promotional purposes, as it presents the company as a contemporary institution.

So if standard advertising doesn’t perform as it should, think about having a VR Experience at your next trade show booth to attract more visitors, give them a fun experience and convert them into customers.

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