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Today, trade show displays are an absolute must at live events. Every company worth its salt is using them to display promotional content, such as videos or slideshows. But with the rise of Virtual Reality as a perfect marketing medium for live events, it may be time to put aside promotional videos and focus on promoting your brand with more flexible content.

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A Virtual Reality experience is usually limited to one or maybe two people at the same time, as it requires the user to put on a headset and transports him to a different world. But did you know, you can also connect the VR system to a large TV that displays what the user is seeing inside the headset?

Here are 5 main advantages of running a Virtual Reality Experience on a trade show display:


Virtual Reality is something new, something different, something that everybody wants to try. And while it is fun for a while to watch a person with a VR headset grabbing objects that are not there in reality, it is even more fun if we see, what that person is actually doing.

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In our experience, connecting the VR system to a trade show display proved much more effective at attracting visitors than simply running a promotional video of the same experience. The user who is doing something in an interactive VR experience is having fun. And by allowing other visitors to see what he or she is doing, you are spreading that fun around. And attracting attention. A lot of attention.


Running a Virtual Reality Experience on a trade show display has one main advantage over promotional videos and slideshows. It changes.

A promotional video is always the same three minutes of infographics showing the same statistics over and over again. And while this may be interesting the first time, no user will watch the same video twice.

By putting a Virtual Reality Experience to a trade show display, you get a flexible video, as different users will interact differently with the virtual world around them. That ensures that no person has exactly the same experience as the visitors before him, which keeps the content fresh and interesting.


Because the content on the video is dynamic, the users will be motivated to watch more of it and therefore stay at your booth for a longer period of time. Because a Virtual Reality Experience is meant to be fun, they will be motivated to wait for their turn in a virtual world.

This also allows your representative to have more time that he or she can spend with the visitors, as they will not simply flee the scene as soon as the three-minute video starts looping.


By running a Virtual Reality Experience on a trade show display, your visitors also learn what to expect upon entering a virtual world. This means they spend less time learning the controls and more time enjoying the product you are showcasing.

This can also work as a filter for visitors. If visitors are not interested in the product you are offering, they will watch the experience on a display and move on, which means your representative will have more time to spend with people, who are interested in your products. That way you get more leads of higher quality that you can turn into customers.


Because Virtual Reality is relatively new, it is sometimes difficult to explain. Especially for the visitors, experiencing it for the first time. But because it is such a fun experience, they will want to bring their friends, colleagues or business partners to your booth.

Make their job easier. By running the Virtual Reality Experience at your trade show display, they will have an easier time explaining to their friends what to expect when they put on the headset.


Trade show displays are nothing new when it comes to live event marketing. But by replacing standard promotional videos with a dynamic Virtual Reality Experience, you can be sure you will be getting more leads from live events, such as trade shows and expos. Running a Virtual Reality Experience on your next trade show display will also make sure everything is running smoothly and will help with qualifying leads.


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