Virtual Reality for the Events Industry

August 23, 2018
August 23, 2018 csadmin

In the past months, Virtual Reality has slowly been making its way throughout different industries. Sectors such as hospitality, tourism, real estate, automotive, gambling & casinos have all benefitted from this new technology, with other industries out there which could be the perfect fit for VR. One of those areas is definitely the event industry. Let’s look at a few examples of how an event can benefit from using VR technology.

Benefits of using Virtual Reality as a marketing tool

+ Higher Engagement

No matter how you decide to look at it, Virtual Reality is highly engaging. Google found that 360-degree VR videos have more than 41% better engagement rate than standard videos, while full-blown VR experience brings several advantages, such as better recollection of an event, longer audience focus, and higher conversion rate. So no matter if you are trying to sell a ticket or just raise awareness, Virtual Reality is the medium that will take you closer to your goal.

VR Videos have 46% higher view count compared to standard video

+ More Tickets Sold

This is a direct consequence of the previous point. Apart from generating direct sales, more engagement will also get you more exposure on all of the social media platforms, which in terms will lead to higher sales. It’s simple as that.

+ More Exhibitors

Having a VR promotional plan can also help you attract more exhibitors if that is your goal. A VR presentation of your event can work as a promotional tool that helps sell the event to the companies as well as a company scout of an event. So the company can use the VR tool to scout the venue and decide which space they want to rent for the duration of the event. Check out The Brewery’s Virtual Tour!

You can use VR to sell more tickets, get more exhibitors, icrease media coverage or increase revenue from sponsors

+ Increased media coverage

With Virtual Reality, you get a new, innovative technology that is a magnet for mass media. Virtual Reality booths practically guarantee more media exposure, which in terms leads to greater event awareness and higher sales.


+ Increased revenue from sponsors

One of the consequences of having more media coverage is also a higher number of companies, interested in sponsoring the event, as well as higher prices for those sponsorships. Those numbers alone quickly turn Virtual Reality into a smart and profitable investment.

More about how to promote using VR in my article “How to Advertise in Virtual Reality”

Promoting an event using Virtual Reality

+ Promotional VR photos and renders

99.9% of the traders use photos and renders of their products to promote their business. Why wouldn’t you? But take it a step further. VR photos and renders are same as 2d photos and renders, but drive more traffic to your website.


+ Virtual Attendance

Today, you don’t need to actually be there, to be there. With a VR stream, you can allow people who can’t physically make it to your show, to attend the event in Virtual Reality. A good example of this is the recent World Cup in Russia, where the organizers allowed people to watch football (soccer) games in Virtual Reality. Pretty brilliant.

+ Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are a great way to promote your event. End-User can simply put the glasses on and is transported to your event, where he can move around, interact with the stands or check the 3d floor map of the event. Additionally, the feature can be used for exhibitors to check their exhibition area without traveling to the location. Check out this Virtual Tour by Canon!

+ Go Viral!

By placing VR cameras during your event, you can capture 360-degree worth of action and use it after the event for promotion. You can see how Tomorrowland used this idea for their festival!

– Promote your event with a VR Experience

Why not go all-in and promote your event with a fun experience where the user is rewarded for their engagement and are given discounted or free tickets? VR Experiences are the best way to promote your brand, as they result in a huge brand-awareness boost and can generate a lot of media attention if done correctly. You can check Creative Solutions’ case study to see the benefitrs of a VR Experience!

In the End…

Virtual Reality is a marketing tool and as with any marketing tool, you need to have your target audience in mind.
In general, Virtual Reality will make your event remembered for a very long time and if done correctly, Virtual Reality can provide a lot of benefits mentioned above to your business.
Will you take the step into the next era of advertising?

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